(UX design)


Canpack wanted to create a website to showcase their new vision, strategy and visual branding. They were changing from being perceived as solely a provider of function-first packaging solution to a true partner to brands. The website needed to showcase the perfect blend of inspiration and function, underpinned by strong company values.


I was a lead UX designer on this project. Working together with a content strategist we created user journeys, personas, information architecture and full set of wireframes. The website was going to be built using a CMS, so I designed multiple, flexible components intended to host a range of content types.

Project goals

Elevate Canpack brand beyond product functionality, leveraging the innovative capabilities

Give the brand a face by showing the people behind it, talking about their stories and contributions

Create a flexible, relevant and credible website, balancing visual and written content without overwhelming the users

Create a cohesive brand experience by aligning the content and visuals with the new guidelines, vision and mission

Brand strategy

Canpack’s new brand strategy was a shift from plainly technical capabilities towards the experiences they want to create for their customers and their employees.

We identified 3 focus areas and which feelings were associated with them. We were then able to categorise target user groups and tailor content for different segments on the website.


Creating amazement, curiosity and delight by highlighting energy and passion


Providing a sense of pride and dynamism by highlighting authenticity and openness


Reassuring and informing by highlighting responsibility, industry recognition and heritage

User groups and goals

We identified 4 user types and focused on their goals, tasks and journeys. We then tied it into the brand strategy of which feeling we wanted to invoke in each group. It resulted in dialling up and down certain type and level of complexity of content depending on which user journey we were designing for.

Content audit & sitemap

I performed full content audit on the existing site and created new infromation architecture for improved navigation and more precise user journeys. This provided the necessary base for my wireframes designs.

Key content types & focus areas

Showcase innovative spirit of Canpack and provide inspiration

Demonstrate sustainability efforts and journey

Introduce the culture and people behind Canpack

Highlight the product offering


The inspirational content has been divided into key feelings pages, with content and copy focused on possibilities and innovative solutions. While visually striking, they also act as gateways to more detailed and technical content.


Sustainability is highlighted in two ways: through showcasing the partnerships and product capabilities, and through demonstrating Canpack’s commitment to a sustainable journey, underpinned by awards and recognitions.

Telling the people’s stories

Showing the faces behind Canpack was an important part of the refreshed identity. Our culture pages showcase real employees, sharing their stories and recognising their contributions to the growth of the business.

Product offering

Capabilities pages showcase the individual product types and the abundance of choice in finishes, sizes and functionality. They also offer a detailed dive into technical specs and manufacturing solutions.

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