My approach to design.

(and life in general)

Listening comes first

At the beginning of each project I work together with the stakeholders to define the project goals. I believe in openness, honesty and collaboration, so I seek feedback frequently and listen to it without bias.

When conducting user research, I want to truly understand users’ pain points and requirements. I then combine business and user goals to create the solution.

Storytelling matters

Human brains are wired to see and describe the world through stories. In my design process I tell stories through stakeholder presentations, brand strategy, user journeys, brand identity, visual language and interactive prototypes.

Collaboration = success

The best products are created when the team has shared values and understanding of what success looks like. I am a strong team player, I thrive on learning and collaboration. I encourage an atmosphere of openness and frequent feedback, always being appreciative of the expertise and point of view of others.

Failure is not only an option, it’s a necessity

I start every project with the notion of the permission to fail. This allows me the freedom to push the boat out, try new things and test solutions beyond what’s known and safe, to make way for innovation and the unexpected. Every project is bound by time and budget, so in order to ensure timely delivery I use the Lean UX methodology, failing fast & learning fast through early stage usability tests and frequent feedback sessions.

Design for real life

In my design process I focus on creating functional and accessible solutions. When creating the UI I work to low-resolution screen sizes, consider contrast, text sizes and impact on users with visual impediments and mobility issues. I always consider the worst-case scenario for label lengths, text input and slow internet connection, to ensure the designs are suitable for real users in the real world. While providing user delight is very important, the product will not succeed without a strong foundation in functionality, reliability and usability.

People’s time matters

When designing for users, I aim to reduce friction and remove any unnecessary steps to their goals. When running workshops or mentoring sessions, I come prepared and aim to provide value. When I create my design files, I keep them tidy, organised and detailed for a development handover.

Always keep learning

I love learning new things, constantly studying trends and exploring new technology. I take interest in areas outside of the design world, such as psychology and human behaviours, literature, pop culture. This natural curiosity also means that I never consider a project being “done”, as there’s always something new to learn, discover, tweak and improve.

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